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Cournal APP

The APP is an online management tool for content creation. It allows managment of several teams of hundreds of employees in one place.

The teams can communicate, and team managers can monitor business performance in one place.

Content Creation

Cournal provides content translation and creation services. Publishers, TV stations, Organizations or Co-orporates with ambitious engagement strategy can benefit from these services.

Coorporates can benefit from the content creation services by creating original content that aligns with your business objectives.

Data Journalism

Use data and technology to write compelling stories. Cournal builds projects with customised data collection, data analytics and data visualisation.

Our DJ service produces in house data driven projects, and we develop Big Data projects for our clients.

Cournal App


Content Creation Management Tools and Services
What is it all About?

As a publisher you want to grow your influence sphere. Influence can only be achieved with strategy for growth. Growth in terms of man-power or content, comes with challenges of management and quality control.

Cournal provides tools, services and support for publishers to grow. We provide you with tools that enable no-pain growth. Services that support your ongoing business, a long that journey.

Cournal tools include (1) a management platform to manage your workflow efficiently. Also (2) an integrated social communication platform for your office ideas brainstorming and chat. Finally (3) an Analytics tool, providing you as a publisher with the grand picture of your team's individual and your organizational structure performance. The Analytics tool provide you with deep insight of the performance of every single process or team member in your organization.

Cournal aslo provides other products. Ranging from content creation and translation, to Data Journalism and Big Data analysis projects. read more

  • Analyze

    We analyze your current work flow

  • Work flow

    We propose an automated scalable work flow for your organization, then we deploy it

  • Report

    We follow up the implementation & we guide you through getting the best out of your talents, and your new management system. Now you may optimize cost & effort

  • Focus and Scale UP

    Now your effort can be reduced to setting up the right strategy for your organization, And leave the tedious work to the automated tools

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